My 2019 in Photos

Wow! The year has certainly gone fast, but if I look back through my photos, I played a lot of games! I don’t formally log my plays, but most games I play I take a photo and put it up on my Instagram with a few short comments. So here’s some of the highlights from 2019 and a few extra comments!

This was my first photo of 2019! Brass was a new to me game at the beginning of the year, and I got to play it a few more times after this. I really enjoy it, even if I’m not the greatest at it.

I started out the year with a few heavy games! Lisboa is one of my favourite games by Vital Lacerda.

Tokyo Highway is one of the most photograph-able games and it’s also super fun to play. My feed was full of shots like this earlier in the year.

I’m looking forward to my next ‘yearly game’ of Feudum. It’s such a beautiful game.

Dinosaur Island! Such an amazing game that I played a lot this year. I love how thematic it is and how much fun it is to play.

City of Kings was one of my favourite gaming experiences in 2019. It really emulates that RPG feel with levelling up your character and going on an interesting quest, but in a quick, self-contained way!

Of course I had to make time to play my favourite game in 2019. The expansion really changes it up but I still love it.

Western Legends was another game that provided fantastic experiences in 2019. So much fun has been had rocking around in the Wild West with friends.

Ice Cool is just a super fun dexterity game. 2019 brought along Ice Cool 2 which lets you play epic 8 player games!

Rising Sun was one of the more epic games I played this year. It looks so crazy on the table and the experience matches the look – glad I have friends who were willing to invest in this game so I could play it!

Played a few games of this classic turned on it’s head! In 7 Blunders you are trying to get the lowest score and it’s surprisingly hard!

Played through the Scythe Rise of Fenris campaign this year. Didn’t want to post any spoiler photos so I had to make sure to take pictures without any extra stuff, which got harder and harder as the campaign went on!

I really enjoyed playing CO2 as the problem solving and co-op nature of the game is very fun, but it’s quite depressing playing through – it really drives home the current state of the energy economy…

Escape Plan was one of my highlight games of 2019. Such well integrated theme and mechanics.

Heroes of Land, Air and Sea is another of my 2019 highlights. I love the epic feel of the game. Twilight Imperium express!

I’d been hearing about Glory To Rome for years and finally got to play it this year. Maybe it was a bit over-hyped. As my comment above says … I wasn’t too impressed.

Tiny Towns was a big hit for me. A roll-less, write-less roll-and-write! I really like the way the game works and the challenge of picking the best option based on your estimation of the future.

Quacks of Quedlinburg was one of my biggest surprises of 2019 and I couldn’t resist getting the plastic BGG bits for it. They are so nice to play with.

2019 saw us slowly making our way through a Charterstone campaign. We haven’t made it to the end yet … we’ll see if it’s done by the end of 2020!

I got in a few games of all time favourite Terra Mystica. I don’t think this game will ever get old.

I got to play the new print of Pret a Porter. I really liked it, it would fit right in with my shelf of Lacerda games.

One of 2019’s most memorable gaming moments for me happened during a game of Xia – the fastest death of all time in this game!

I’d heard a lot about Age of Steam and when my copy of the reprint finally arrived I was keen to play. It was great fun – I should have played it earlier, it’s been around for 17 years!

Couldn’t resist an invitation to try out Tapestry. As one of the big releases of 2019 I was very interested to try this one, especially after seeing very mixed opinions of the game floating around.

More train games! I thought this was a great ‘distilled’ experience. I’d been keen to play it for a while.

2019 isn’t over yet so this isn’t totally comprehensive, but it was fun to go back through my photos and review what I’ve been up to. It brought up a lot of great memories. If you keep photos of your gaming please share your highlights with me in the comments, I’m keen to see what others have been up to!

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