Welcome to The Board Game Detective! The Board Game Detective is here to provide reviews of boardgames that are light on rules explanation and delve more into what the game feels like to play. Articles will centre on the author's praise and criticisms for the game. Each article will provide a brief theme and rules … Continue reading Welcome

Psycho Killer Unboxing

Psycho Killer caught my eye initially as it is a locally designed game right here in Canberra. It was initially Kickstarted in 2020, and after a successful campaign, it is now available through their website and locally. Inspired by retro slasher movies, this is a quick, take-that style hand management game where you must avoid injury and attacks from your 'friends'.

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile Review

Welcome to the Provinces. Turmoil is afoot - the reign of a Tyrant can only last so long here before someone comes to make things right. Exiles from the outer lands are rallying troops and building support among the populace for an uprising, seeking to overthrow the Empire and build something new. The Chancellor of … Continue reading Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile Review

How I Ruined The Spirit of Thanksgiving with a Metagame

Every year, my friends and I have come together around the time of Thanksgiving in the US and throw a pot-luck style party. Everyone brings something 'ridiculously American' to share and we all eat until we feel sick and then slip into food comas. I don't want to offend any Americans with our bastardised Australian … Continue reading How I Ruined The Spirit of Thanksgiving with a Metagame