Welcome to The Board Game Detective! The Board Game Detective is here to provide reviews of boardgames that are light on rules explanation and delve more into what the game feels like to play. Articles will centre on the author's praise and criticisms for the game. Each article will provide a brief theme and rules … Continue reading Welcome

Root – Riverfolk and Underworld Expansions Review

As the endless struggle for dominance over the woodlands continues unabated, new factions have started to appear and add their voice to the endless cacophony. A group of enterprising Otter merchants/mercenaries seek to profit from the ongoing conflict in the woodlands. A mysterious Reptilian cult is using dark rituals to convert followers to their cause … Continue reading Root – Riverfolk and Underworld Expansions Review

Exchange: A Stock Trading Game of Strategy & Wit Review

Stonks! It's time to earn some dollarydoos on Wall Street! You've been given a small, $1000 gift from your parents (modest, only enough to buy 20 banks). The wild world of securities trading awaits you and you will either end up much richer, or more likely, in jail because your heavy and highly publicised manipulation … Continue reading Exchange: A Stock Trading Game of Strategy & Wit Review

The 12 Most Annoying Things About Being a Boardgamer

You know something that annoys me? Articles with meaningless preamble. Games that don't fit well (or at all) on my shelves. Like all gamers, I have a trusty set of Ikea Kallax shelves set up prominently in my gaming area in which I store all my games. It's an attractive, functional and cost effective solution … Continue reading The 12 Most Annoying Things About Being a Boardgamer

The Grimm Masquerade Review

You've been invited to The Beast's 2019-Masquerade-Secret-Santa-Ball-Annual-The-Bachelor-Night! Everyone will be dancing and exchanging gifts, trying to remain anonymous for the longest time whilst striving to collect all their favourite artifacts and avoid their most loathed items. And of course, the currency of the evening is roses, just like all good reality TV shows. 2-5 Players … Continue reading The Grimm Masquerade Review