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I’ve been playing games since ~2010 and decided I wanted to start writing down my thoughts on games somewhere. I enjoy all sorts of games, from party games with big groups right through to heavy 6 hour euro games. The goal for my reviews is to highlight often unmentioned downsides to games, nitpicking the things that just don’t make sense or could have been done better. While most games I intend to review will be games I’ve enjoyed, I think it’s a great idea to discuss negative aspects of otherwise good games.



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Screenshot_20180704-124543_2I have only been playing boardgames for a few years, but love sharing my thoughts with new people to bring them into this wonderful hobby! My favourite game mechanic would have to be worker placement, but I am always up for trying new mechanics and learning new games. My tastes vary from quick, light games to mid-heavy euros, depending on who I game with. I am always on the look out for cool new games and am keen to help others hopefully find some gems through our honest reviews and unboxings.



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