A Sentence About Every Game I Own


Following on from Jeremy’s great list of games, I have put together a sentence (or a few!) on the games that are currently in my collection. I have mostly excluded expansions to keep it simple, as well as games I have moved on.


5-Minute Dungeon (2017)
This is so simple to teach and so quick, making it a great filler for any group.

7 Wonders (2010)
I love the higher player count, and that the game is just as great whether you are playing with 3 or 7 players.

Above and Below (2015)
The one that started my love for Ryan Laukat! I absolutely love the story telling aspect of Above and Below, as well as how easy it is to teach.

The Ancient World (2014)
Another great game from Ryan, with each turn being so important as they are definitely numbered!

Architects of the West Kingdom (2018)
I actually loved this game! It is a really fresh take on worker placement, and the gameplay is so smooth.


Articulate! (1992)
As lame as this may be for a boardgamer, it is definitely always a hit with non-gamers or entry level gamers and involves a good connection between players as well.

Artifacts, Inc. (2014)
This is a fun smaller game by Ryan Laukat which hasn’t seen too much table time, but it does pack a good amount of game in a smaller box.

Asgard (2012)
Shelf of Shame! I bought this as I have generally enjoyed all the What’s your Game games, and it was on sale! Looks to have interesting artwork and mechanics though.

Azul (2017)
Love introducing this to family and friends who are new to gaming as it is so simple yet strategic, and the components are fantastic too.

Betrayal at House on the Hill (2004)
Even though this gets a lot of hate from gamers, we really enjoy it! It is thematic and we always have a good laugh, even though it can be sometimes unbalanced.

Carcassonne (2000)
The game that started it all! Always easy to teach to newbies and pretty quick too, so easy to get to the table.

Cards Against Humanity (2009)
Stop judging! A good laugh for when there are a lot of people and you are a couple of drinks in…

Cerebria: The Inside World – Origin Box (2018)
I have only played twice so far, but the way the theme is conveyed throughout the game is so applicable to real life, and the game itself is simply stunning!

Charterstone (2017)
Haven’t quite finished this yet, but the campaign so far has been very enjoyable! It is filled with so many things I did not expect at all, and I am keen to do a 2nd campaign with more players.

Chimera Station (2017)
Cool concept, fun art, worker placement and aliens! A lot of replayability, but sadly does not get to the table as much as I’d hoped.

Chinatown (1999)
Chinatown is always a ton of fun! I always think I can tell who is in the lead, and am always surprised at the end when everyone reveals their cash.


Chronicles of Crime (2018)
This game utilises QR is such a cool way, and I really loved the first case we solved!

City of Iron: Second Edition (2016)
I have not tried to first edition so I am unsure of how it differs, but I love how every turn in this game needs to be used so carefully as they are so limited per game.

The City of Kings (2018)
We have had some great, thematic games of this, as well as a few where we just got smoked! But we definitely enjoy it!

Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure (2016)
This is definitely one of my favourite games! It is simple enough to teach to most people and I like the integration of the board which isn’t too common for deckbuilding games.

Codenames (2015)
Definitely a hit, especially with a larger crowd. Super simple, but it definitely can involve some thinking!

Dead Man’s Doubloons (2018)
The components in this game are great, and the game itself is pretty simple, but somehow the rules and set up feel like they take up more time than the game does to play sometimes.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (2014)
I am a terrible liar, and everyone knows as soon as I become the murderer! I love how simple the concept for this game is, and it definitely sparks some very funny conversations.

Dinosaur Island (2017)
The theme of this grabbed me straight away! I love it, and I have enjoyed the games I have played, but I just wish it was a touch more streamlined somehow. I can’t quite figure out, but it’s definitely hogs too much table, and can cause a bit of AP.

Eight-Minute Empire (2012)
Another Shelf of Shame – bought it for the Ryan Laukat collection, but has just sat on my shelf

Empires of the Void (2012)
Shelf of Shame – another collector’s item. I don’t see myself playing it anytime soon, as I have the second edition, which seems to drag me in more.

Empires of the Void II (2018)
Really enjoyed this space themed Ryan Laukat game. I was unsure at first, especially because I was unsure of how much conflict there would be, but in the games we have played so far it has been pretty minimal, but that is with lower player counts.


Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove (2017)
This game is super quick, simple and easy to bring out especially with new gamers. The art is cool, and I love the dark humour amongst all the cards. Definitely an intriguing theme.

Everdell (2018)
Surprised at how much I love this game! I keep wanting to play it all the time! Definitely a lot of ways to score points, so you can’t just focus on one thing or you will get left behind! There is a huge amount of cards in the game – way more than I was expecting, however this can be a downside as you might wait the whole game for a card you need to come out, and be left disappointed.

Ex Libris (2017)
This is a fun theme for a game, and I have enjoyed all the games I have played of it so far. It can be a little samey though, and hasn’t gotten to the table a lot recently.

Feudum (2018)
I was definitely surprised by this game. I enjoy it a lot, even though it is so heavy, and not too easy to find people who are keen to play such a big game. The game is so intriguing and I like how I can’t stop thinking about it for days after I play it.

Flatline (2017)
A cool co-op game which I purchased because I liked FUSE so much. I like how this game incorporates real-time actions, rather than the entire game being time like FUSE as it allows a bit of time between turns to get your bearings again.

Flip City (2014)
This game is so great for taking anywhere as it is so small, yet it feels more like a game compared to a lot of other little decks of cards. Has been quite a hit with everyone we have shown it to as well.

FUSE (2015)
This is such a fun filler, but the timer stresses me out!

The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire (2017)
I love the mix of area control and worker placement in this game, and how many bodies end up in the Hudson!

The Grimm Forest (2018)
Super simple and easy to teach. Definitely over-produced, but I love it.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (2016)
This was such a great game to work through each of the “books”. As a Harry Potter fan, I thought it was really enjoyable even when we lost.

The Island of El Dorado (2018)
I like how small the rulebook is, and how simple it is to pick up, but it is very luck dependant and I wish the battle system incorporated more than just rolling the dice.


Islebound (2016)
Don’t get this to the table too often as I would prefer to play different Ryan Laukat games, but it is not bad. Just not as engaging as his other games.

Istanbul (2014)
I definitely wish I got this to the table more as I really do enjoy it a lot, and enjoy how you move through the board with your workers.

KLASK (2014)
This game is really cool to bring out especially when you are having a couple of drinks. Sad only 2 people can play at a time, and the novelty does ware off a bit once you have played it a bit.

Klondike Rush (2017)
This was an interesting game. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t dislike it. It was just fine, but I will keep it in the collection.

Love Letter (2012)
This is always great to bring out as a filler, and after trying a few versions, I am still happy with the original.

Mint Delivery (2018)
An easy to pick up, quick and interesting filler game. Not sure how good the replayability is, but definitely got enough gameplay for the size of it!

Montana (2017)
This game is really enjoyable. Just as I start to get on a roll though, it is over. I am sad it has not had much attention though because I do really enjoy it!

Near and Far (2017)
This is probably just about my favourite game I would say. I was worried because I liked Above and Below so much, that this would not live up to it, but it has surpassed it for me. Would enjoy more stories per game, but I just add in more books than the rules suggest to fix this.


The Networks (2016)
Definitely an awesome theme, and the gameplay is really good, but I am unsure this is the best format for a TV game. Perhaps incorporate more between rival companies or something to make it more interesting.

Nightmarium (2014)
This was a random game I backed on kickstarter, perhaps even my first KS game, and I am so happy I backed it. It is so simple to teach and everyone I have shown it to has wanted to buy a copy, but it doesn’t seem to have come to retail ever.

Potion Explosion (2015)
Such a great game. I haven’t seen many marble games, and this utilises the candy crush theme well.

The Pursuit of Happiness (2015)
The theme in this game and the way you play through your life makes so much sense. It is exceptional just how well everything relates to a real life journey.

Quadropolis (2016)
Surpringsingly think-y for a Days of Wonder game. Great length, great game, amazing insert.

Raiders of the North Sea (2015)
Definitely one of my favourite worker placement games! I always enjoy a game of Raiders.

Railroad Revolution (2016)
This would probably be my favourite heavier euro game. It does not look like much, but the gameplay is exceptional.

Rising Sun (2018)
Harder to get to the table as it is best with more players, but always a hit with whoever we teach it to.

Robin Hood and the Merry Men (2018)
Shelf of shame! Interested to see how this plays as I don’t play many semi-co op games usually.

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (2012)
Super thematic and always a fun time, even when you die.

Roll For It! Deluxe Edition (2014)
Super simple filler which can be as quick as you want it to be.

Roll Player (2016)
Replaced Sagrada in my collection as it is a bit more meaty, yet still easy enough to teach and learn.

Scoville (2014)
Hasn’t had as much table time as it deserves, but definitely unique theme and gameplay.

Scythe (2016)
A gorgeous game which isn’t too hard to teach, and offers so many different ways to victory.



Star Fluxx (2011)
Fun filler, but it can sometimes go for a bit too long.

Star Wars: Rebellion (2016)
I wish I had more time to play this game! It is definitely a great 2 player game, but the length per game is a bit of a downside.

Sushi Go Party! (2016)
Always a great game to take to a dinner or party and I love all the new cards that this bigger tin adds compared to the regular Sushi Go.

Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 5 – United Kingdom & Pennsylvania (2015)
Even though this is technically an expansion, I am including it as I feel like it adds way more to the game and really changes the gameplay a lot compared to the regular Ticket to Ride. There is way more to focus on and work towards and it just adds a good amount of extra things without ruining the original.

Ticket to Ride: Europe (2005)
Definitely prefer Europe to the original, so if you have a choice between the two, pick Europe!

Tiny Epic Galaxies (2015)
A great amount of game for the small box, and it is a great gameplay length as well.

Tiny Epic Zombies (2018)
More game than I expected from the size of the box. There are so many different gameplay modes that I still need to try, and I love the custom meeples with weapons!



Unearth (2017)
This might be the next game to leave my collection. The game is good, but it is pretty basic in what it offers.

Unfair (2017)
I really enjoy each game of Unfair, and I love how you customise the decks each game to get different themes. Definitely better with lower players as the downtime/game length can get a bit much with max players.

Valeria: Card Kingdoms (2016)
This is a great step up from Machi Koro and other dice rolling games as there are so many card variations and the gameplay is way more engaging I feel.

Vivarium (2017)
Beautiful artwork and interesting concept, however I found the game to be reasonably unbalanced and definitely turned us off wanting to play it again.

Welcome To… (2018)
My favourite roll/flip and write currently! The theme is great, it is super simple to teach, yet offers so many cool concepts which really get you thinking!

Werewords Deluxe Edition (2018)
Shelf of Shame sadly. I haven’t had an opportunity to play it a large group of people since it arrived, and I don’t imagine it would be very fun with lower player counts.

Whistle Stop (2017)
Quite an easy to learn train game with heaps of re-playability, however the player colours are sadly not colour-blind friendly.

Yokohama (2016)
Great theme and gameplay, but I have SO MUCH regret not getting the deluxified version!


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