You've studied the better part of your life to become one of the worlds top Cryptozoologists. You seek those mysterious creatures that are rarely spoken of, and even more rarely seen. An expedition has been organised, and you, as one of the top 3-5 Cryptozooligists in the world, have been chosen to attend. You've been … Continue reading Cryptid


The world of architecture is highly competitive and sometimes very intense! Current trends in cubism have had a heavy influence on the construction industry, and there is a big demand for new Blueprints to satisfy the world's need for ever more indoor space. You, an aspiring architect, seek to design new award winning buildings that … Continue reading Blueprints


It's the mid 16th century! The beginning of a golden age of interior decorating in Western Europe. Recently returned from a tour of Alhambra's finely decorated palaces, King Manuel I of Portugal has some exciting ideas for revitalising his palace. Using colourful Azulejos - the distinctive Spanish/Portuguese tiles well known for their bright and patterned … Continue reading Azul