Architects of the West Kingdom Unboxing

Architects of the West Kingdom is the latest standalone game from Garphill Games and the first game in the new West Kingdom series of games. The game sees players become architects during the Carolingian Empire, where they must gain noble status in order to impress the king, or they may choose to sink to the depths of the black market in order to scavenge precious resources to complete buildings such as the Archbishop's cathedral.

Humorous Boardgame Stuff

The world of boardgaming is rapidly expanding. With that expansion comes all sorts of 'adjacent' stuff, things like reviews, instructional videos, and merchandise. There is also a fabulous and highly entertaining world of boardgame related media being created by lots of talented people across the world. These include skits, comics, parodies, memes and everything in … Continue reading Humorous Boardgame Stuff

Dinosaur Island + Totally Liquid Review

🎶 Familiar yet altered music plays 🎶 Welcome to Dinosaur Island! The Jurassic era themed park that is 100% legally distinct from any existing intellectual property! Visit to see our real, live dinosaurs brought to life by science. Stroll the park and maybe take a ride on a thrilling roller coaster! Enjoy our punderfully named … Continue reading Dinosaur Island + Totally Liquid Review

Guide to BoardGameGeek Weightings and Ratings, and How to Find Good Games

What's BoardGameGeek? BoardGameGeek (BGG) is the most popular website on the internet for people who are into boardgames to discover, discuss, and give feedback on games. If you aren't familiar with it, you can think of it like Wikipedia for boardgames, with additional community and social media features such as discussion forums, photo sharing, and … Continue reading Guide to BoardGameGeek Weightings and Ratings, and How to Find Good Games