As is usual, trouble is brewing in the woodlands.  The Marquis de Cat is steadily gathering her force and tearing up trees with industrial might, and the Eyrie desire to re-establish their winged dominance as the ancient rulers of the forest. Whilst this battle begins, disgruntled foxes, mice and rabbits have banded together into the … Continue reading Root


Alternate reality 1920s Europe was a foggy place. It's a few years after a great war, and the nations of the area are beginning to see economic recovery. Leftover from war-time, large Mechs litter the countryside. Many remain operational, having been re-purposed for peaceful farming and transport uses. Peace shan't last for long though, where … Continue reading Scythe


Somewhere deep in the mountains lies a green, fertile valley farmed by dwarfs¹! It seems that practical dwarfs don't really enjoy eating 100% cave mushrooms, and thus must compromise their cave dwelling desires with a bit of outdoor farming. Of course, the most balanced life requires one to do a little bit of everything, and in … Continue reading Caverna