Tic-Tac-Toe Deluxe Anniversary Edition Kickstarter

Tic-Tac-Toe Deluxe Anniversary Edition Kickstarter is a fresh reboot of probably the most popular game ever. It has existed in many forms and is known by children and adults alike, but it’s finally time for it to be given the Kickstarter treatment we all know and love. Brought to you by Exploitation Games, Tic-Tac-Toe Deluxe Anniversary Edition Kickstarter (TTTDAEK) promises a premium experience that is second to none. ExG is well known for their absurdly content packed Kickstarters, numerously produced minis, and easy to produce rules.

0-2 Players | 1 Hour | Anniversary edition designed by Exploitation Games

Giving a fresh facelift and reinvention to such a well loved and universal game wasn’t easy, but we’ve succeeded so well that we are pretty sure this Kickstarter will rake in over $10M, no matter how many times we need to cancel and relaunch to get to that number. In fact, better hit that pledge button now, you don’t want to miss out because you spent time reading the rest of this!

The most epic showdown the world has ever seen.

Gameplay Overview

This ingeniously re-imagined version of the classic Tic-Tac-Toe has been thoroughly refreshed to bring it into the modern era. TTTDAEK is an area control and worker placement game with a twist: once you place a worker, it’s there for the rest of the game.

TTTDAEK is played over a series of ages divided into phases in which the players take their actions. With a strong play, the game can be won in as little as three ages, but the game could go for up to 5 epic ages (maybe 6-7 with stretch goals!!). Players take turns playing through ages and phases until one player achieves one of the unique victory formations, winning the game!

Age I and II are the ‘dawn’ of the game. In this age, players are setting up their empires. In each phase, you decide which of the 9 action spots you would like to play your worker-unit onto. Be careful, remember that they can never be moved once placed! Placing a worker on a spot gives several things. Firstly, control of that spot is awarded for you. Secondly, it unlocks the option of potentially scoring one of the 8 unique victory formations. Finally, it blocks the spot from use by the other player.

Ages III-V are where things get potentially interesting. After players have finished their turn phases, during the phase cleanup, the positions of worker-units are checked against the 8 victory formations to see if any player has managed to win. If your units are in a victory formation at this time, you win the epic struggle of TTTDAEK and take out the victory!

An empty arena awaits an epic battle of the ages!

The Factions

TTTDAEK launches with 5 revealed factions available for players to choose from to play with. Factions change up the game significantly! They all have a unique backstory which they bring to the game, and their distinctive size, colouring, look and style really influences how players will execute their turns and make the outcome of each game seem unique. Here are the base factions included in the game:

Steam Team

Steam Team may have been around the block a few times but they are certainly a favourite in TTTDAEK matches. Shrouded by a mysterious fog, Steam Team plods into battle, using their power to win combats and forcing enemy teams to reconsider their turns carefully.

The Mobsters

Bringing The Mobsters into battle means bringing the ruthless efficiency of organised crime to the table. The Mobsters will cause players to utter butchered monologues and though their size may be laughable, their resolve isn’t!

Spirit Army

Powered by the mystical forces of poorly researched mythology, this team of eastern spirits (and a guy from New Zealand) have an imposing, intimidating presence on the board that imposes upon, and intimidates the enemy.

Star Force

Star Force craves order and control. They have been drilling the victory formations in space for millennia, and now seek to show their force by replicating those formations in close proximity to the ground. At any cost!!

Fantasy League

Grandma has been taken care of and so now Fantasy League are looking for a new target. Don’t fall for their fairy tale look, this faction packs a punch and will take control of spaces with ease when correctly placed on them.

FOMO Inducing Features

  • This game will absolutely never under any circumstances go to retail. It’s just not possible. We have thought about it, and, we just couldn’t bear to give away 80% of the MSRP to people that aren’t us.
  • Our brilliant game-gineers have been working around the clock to implement a simple yet challenging automata. The MENACE system can be used to play solo, or even to observe the game playing itself (great for people who actually don’t like playing games to justify their pledge).
  • Beautiful, 100% original art.
  • You played this game as a kid, but now it’s better! Get it to play with your kids, but also it’s a great game that adults can definitely enjoy as well.
  • Of course, the S T R E T C H G O A L S (see below)
The Pasture, one of the potential stretch goal arenas

Stretch Goals

  • $2M – New Faction: Clan Stretch Goal Armstrong
  • $4M – Alternate Battle Arenas
  • $6M – Actually deliver in 2020
  • $8M – MYSTERY Faction
  • $10M – Another Yacht, for myself. Delivery 2019.

Reward Levels

  • Standee Tier (honey pot tier designed to find out whose complaints to ignore)
  • Mini Tier (standard deluxe tier)
  • 3ft Mini Tier (only for real fans)
None of this junk here!

What People Are Saying

“100%, Just Back This Game Already!!”

“I pledged at the max level and rated 10 on BGG – done my bit!”

“This is literally the greatest thing that has ever happened.”

“After seeing the rulebook is going to exist I cannot recommend this game enough!”

This game could still go either way! Steam Team vs Star Force.

Risks and Challenges

At Exploitation Games we have delivered many similar projects and of course there will be no issues with this one. In the past our yachts have been successively better but looking at the current market we have some concerns. Recent price increases of production and permit/licensing restrictions around Super Yachts exceeding 100ft could affect the quality and timeline of the final delivered product and we will need to be flexible to these evolving costs.

So what are you waiting for! Back Now. If you do so, all of your dreams will come true. Until our next Kickstarter. Don’t forget a second copy to flip on eBay after fulfillment.

Thanks to Beth for providing the pictures and to friends for various ideas included.

10 thoughts on “Tic-Tac-Toe Deluxe Anniversary Edition Kickstarter

  1. Having just playtested this as a print-and-play write-and-write solo game, I can proudly say you forgot the best parts of this edition! 1) You can mix and match the board tiles, creating a truly unique world each and every time, dozens of times. 2) the game has been playtested millions of times for over 50 years (maybe even a thousand years!) as a print-and-play write-and-write edition, so gameplay is finely balanced. Knizia has nothing on this game’s complexity/depth. 3) none of that trashy Euro theme farming in the Mediterranean crap. Unless it reaches $12M. 4) oh and the social deduction! Few games have social deduction with just two players, and no game ever with just one but this one manages it. I was at the edge of my seat, even I didn’t know what I was going to do next and which faction I was going to help win. 5) I’d back this but shipping is a killer…

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